Pay As You Go Service

£30 per hour

I request payment in advance

Fees are subject to a minimum charge of 30 minutes. The hourly rate will be charged in increments of 30 minutes, rounded up or down to the nearest half hour.

Retainer Packages

If you would like me to set a certain amount of time aside for you each month/week, I can offer a retainer package to secure this for you, allowing me to dedicate those hours to you and your business on a regular basis. The agreed hours will be billed in advance and collected via direct debit.

I offer a 20% discount on retainer packages. The discounted hourly rate is £24 per hour

Social Media Packages

Please contact me for more information on my social media packages, these vary depending on your requirements

What you DON’T need to pay for:

Holidays, pension, TAX, NI, sick leave, insurance, data protection, software licenses, equipment, office space, etc

Referral Discount

Refer a friend and receive 10% discount if they secure more than 2 hours per week with me.

Complete the form below to start your referral process:


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