So, what is a Virtual Assistant?

People often look at me quite blankly when I say that I’m a Virtual Assistant (VA). I think the term ‘virtual’ makes people think of some kind of robot woman they’ve seen in a film! The reality is I’m a self-employed freelancer, who supports small business owners remotely from my own office. ‘Oh right, but how?’ is normally the response to that. Basically, the tasks I do for my clients can all be carried out online; emails, online storage (Google Drive), video chat (Google Hangouts), website maintenance, blogging, social media management, cloud-based bookkeeping, typing, contacting customers, researching your competitors etc. Therefore, I do not need to be based in your office to be able to support you and your business.

delegate to a Virtual Assistant

All VA’s offer different services depending on their skill set, previous experience or their own preference on what they do and don’t want to do. A lot of VA’s also have a niche service to make them stand out from the crowd or to specialise in that area.

What tasks can you outsource? Here’s a list of the tasks I offer my clients:

  • Social Media – setting up accounts, maintaining your brand and voice across your chosen social media platforms, running campaigns, creating or scheduling content, engaging and building relationships with your customers via your platforms. I have a range of packages available to suit your bespoke requirements
  • Website Management –  editing pages, adding new information, reviewing pages, photos, blogs and other support
  • Formatting blogs – prettifying, sharing via social media to increase your online presence. Have something to say but you just haven’t got the time to type and upload it? Send me a voice recording, I’ll type and upload it for you
  • YouTube – do you create videos regularly but haven’t the time to share the uploads? Save them to your Dropbox/Google Drive and let me do the rest
  • Transcribing – recording voice memos for your VA to type up, meeting notes or to-dos. Send recordings of info you want to be using to market your business, your VA can create a blog, ebook or social media posts for you
  • Events management – conferences, private parties, team building, Christmas parties, brand launch events, activities etc. I collaborate with a local Events Manager, we work together to provide you with a bespoke package to cover everything you need for your event, this can include a social media campaign package to build awareness of your brand and event
  • Bookkeeping; bank reconciliations, invoicing, chasing payments, processing expense receipts

Hopefully, that gives you a good idea of tasks that can be delegated (I deleted a few bullets to avoid you heading back to Facebook for another look at that funny cat video). As a VA we can often wear quite a few different hats and to be honest, that’s exactly why small business owners benefit from using us!

VAs wear many hats

Business owners often become very stressed or give up on their dream of being successful when they try and do everything themselves. So, how can this problem be avoided? How can someone drive a business forward without all the stress of daily admin tasks? The solution, start working with an efficient Virtual Assistant.

I have the pleasure of working with some amazing clients who are running successful businesses. Being able to help them gain a great work-life balance and seeing their businesses thrive really does make my day!

If you want to know more about how I can support you and your business, please give me a shout.

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