10 reasons why you should use a social media pro:

Half of the world are now using social media!! If you aren’t joining the social media party, posting and engaging regularly, you are seriously missing out on a whole lot more business that could be coming your way!

Social media involves real-time marketing and customer service A huge 80 – 90 % of social media comments and direct messages go unanswered by businesses — which often leads to those consumers heading straight into your competitor’s arms. I mean wow!! Think of the number of customers you could be missing out on just because you haven’t got the time to reply to them!! Social media customer service are soooooo important to how you are seen as a brand! This means you really do need to prioritise engagement on social media. It also means you can’t pick and choose which comments you want to respond to. People are waiting on you — and they want a response pretty quickly and even if you get a negative comment, the worst thing you can do is not reply at all!

Social media is NOT AN ADMIN task. This really does drive social media professionals mad haha! Your customer now has the ability to tell all their family and friends about you in the touch of a button, shouting from the rooftops about how amazing you are BUT they also have the ability to slag you off and tell (half the) world about their experience. Customer experience and relationships built via social media are super important and should be a massive part of your social media strategy. Would you give such an important job to someone who didn’t really know what they were doing?

Social media is not just about posting sales-type content! In fact, the less of this you do post is sometimes better! As crazy as it sounds, building up trust and likeability is far more important! Offer content that makes people feel happier and smarter, by that I mean, post about something that adds value to the person reading it. Tell them about your product and service in a way that shows off your expertise and knowledge. Teach them something new or make them smile, it helps your audience remember you and makes them want to come back for more!! There’s so much content posted daily that you want to make yours stand out! Once you’ve built up the trust and likeability factors…. sales will naturally follow!

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Social media pros have expert knowledge! Do you know…. what platform you should be on? What does the latest update mean? How do analyse insights and which ones to look at? A social media manager will know when to post, where to post it, what to say, what the insights mean and how to tweak their strategy based on the latest stats and updates.

Sometimes you can be way too emotionally invested when you’ve started your own business…. Does the old imposter syndrome set in and you start procrastinating about what to post? Sound familiar? Your social media manager won’t be emotionally involved, this allows us to make more rational decisions about your marketing, especially when we need to deal with unwanted comments or complaints which can be difficult but they need to be dealt with in a professional manner to avoid damaging your brand!

Quality over quantity! The posting as often as possible days are well and truly gone!! Engagement is key on your social platforms! A social media pro will be actively engaging with people to grow your audience and build that know, like and trust factor that eventually turns into sales.

Prof Social Media Managers can save you time and money! An experienced professional SM Manager will know how to make the most of your ads budget, what content to post and what to say and how to get your brand and tone of voice across perfectly on all of your chosen platforms. This will result in reduced advertising costs and more return on investment rather than having someone boost a few posts and hope for the best. Or worse, getting all their friends and family to like and share when they aren’t your target audience or ideal customers!!

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Social media managers can keep you ahead of the game! Your social media manager will have the time to do the research you may not have even thought about! Researching specific hashtags that will gain much more reach for your content, latest industry news, competitor research, what the best tools are for creating eye-catching content. They’ll have taken the time to learn all the platforms new tool updates and how they can be utilised in your social media strategy to benefit your business.

Outsourcing will give you time to focus on things that make you more money! Having a social media manager as your extended team will mean you can delegate all those things (and more) I’ve just listed above, while you can concentrate on the areas that are moving your business to the next level and making you more money!

I could literally go on and on about why you should outsource to a professional social media manager but you’ve got the gist right?!

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